GE GeoSpring Hybrid Water Heater – OUT OF STOCK


Product Specifications:

  • Capacity: 50 Gallons
  • Energy Factor: 2.35 in Hybrid Mode
  • Shipping Weight: 215lbs.
  • Element Wattage: 4500 Watts Maximum Heating ,550 Watts Minimum Heating
  • First Hour Rating: 63 gallons
  • Dimensions: 21.75 X 60.5
  • Operating Air Temperature Range
  • eHeat™ Mode
  • Hybrid Mode – factory installed.
  • High Demand Mode – Above recommended Range 45° to 120° F
  • Standard Electric Mode – Standard recommended Range 32° to 150°
  • Vacation Mode – With this setting, the system will drop the temperature set point to 50°F to save energy, while also preventing the water from freezing. Simply set how many days you will be away, with a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 90. The unit automatically heats the water to the previous set temperature the day before you are expected to return. Now you can experience a hot shower the moment you return home.
  • Easy to Use Control panel – The GeoSpring electric heat pump water heater is the first residential electric water heater with an electronic back-lit LCD display. The panel features a user-friendly control system located at eye-level to eliminate the need to bend down to the floor to adjust temperature settings. Changing the mode and temperature is as easy as following the on-screen menu. This easy-to-use electronic control panel offers both simplicity and flexibility, giving consumers as much or as little control as they like.
  • Washable Renewable air filter – In the Hybrid, eHeat and High Demand modes, the water heater moves air through the system and out the back of the unit. An air filter is in place to protect the evaporator from accumulating dirt and dust. A clean air filter is important to get the highest efficiency. When the filter requires cleaning, a red indicator light above the “Filter” button will become illuminated, and an audible beep will sound. The filter can be wiped clean with a damp rag or rinsed with warm water.

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