Are you experiencing an outage at your address? Diverse Power now offers four ways to report an outage.

•  Use our Outage Reporting System through the My DPI mobile app.
•  Use our Outage Reporting System through the My DPI Online portal.
•  Text OUTAGE to 55050 (Requires Registration. See details below).
•  Call 1-800-845-8362.

Remember to stay away from downed power lines, note the location and report it to 1-800-845-8362. Stay away from standing waters with downed power lines in them as water is a conductor of electricity.

Outage Texting

Diverse Power consumer-members can now report outages via text message. Enrolling is easy! You will need to have your Diverse Power account number for this process. The cell phone number used for outage reporting must be one of the phone numbers listed on the electric account. You can update phone numbers via the My DPI mobile app and Online portal or through a customer service agent by call 1-800-845-8362.

Once enrolled, you will be able to use key words to report an outage.

Click here to enroll, then activate your alerts to enable our outage texting service. Text “OUTAGE” to 55050 to report an outage.

Members can also opt-in with the assistance of a member service representative in the office or over the phone.

How to text your outage to Diverse Power

If you’ve signed up for Diverse Power texting services, here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can text your outage to us.

If you only have one meter with us, the process is easy. Just text “Outage” to 55050.

If you have multiple meters with us, the process is still easy, but a few extra steps may be involved. When you signed up for the texting service with us on our website, you likely created nicknames for your meters (e.g., home, pump, barn, etc.). If you forget what nicknames you used or if you do not type in your outage correctly, you will receive a text message similar to the one at the left. You can either enter the number or the nickname as it appears on the list.

Once the outage is texted correctly, you will receive a confirmation text.

If you have multiple meters that are out of power, you can report those one at a time by texting the number or nickname from the list or you may text ‘all’ or ‘outageall’ if all meters are without power.

REMEMBER: To use Diverse Power texting service, we must have your cell phone number on file and you have to register for the service on our website. If you have not signed up for our texting services yet, make sure to do so here.


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