• Electric bills produced beginning July 20, 2022 will have an approximate rate increase of 10%. This increase is in response to a 28% increase in wholesale power cost and will apply to kWh’s used during the previous billing period, which began June 20, 2022, and will remain in effect temporarily.

    The wholesale power cost increase is due to a rapidly changing energy landscape which includes the limited availability of cheaper energy resources such as coal, global price increases in commodities and the increased demand for electricity due to higher temperatures.

    The temporary rate increase is an effort to continue to meet the increased demand for sustainable and reliable electricity and avoid brownouts or service interruptions during peak periods.

    Looking forward to the coming year(s), the introduction of Plant Vogtle unit 3 will add to a diverse power mix and help soften the dependency on the volatile rates of other energy resources.

    Diverse power is member-owned and operated and here for our members as we are all in this together. We urge our members to develop good habits in the consumption of electricity such as adjusting your thermostat, closing windows and blinds and utilizing off-peak hours for laundry and dishes. Member may visit diversepower.com, “Energy Tools” for additional resources.

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