Attention Diverse Power consumer-members. Please be advised, effective immediately, Diverse Power has changed its payment remittance address. Please mail all checks to the following address:

Diverse Power
Department 1340
PO BOX 2153
Birmingham, AL 35287-1340

To avoid delays in processing and posting of payments to your account, please take the necessary steps to send the payment to the new remittance address. The change in the remittance address shall not be deemed to grant or extend credit terms, or modify the terms and conditions of your Diverse Power bill.

If you are sending your payment electronically or already made the above changes, please ignore this notification.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please contact us between 8 A.M. and 5 P.M. EST, Monday – Friday at 706.845.2000 or 1.800.845.8362.


You can now decide how often to purchase your electricity and how much you buy with each purchase. Be in control of both with Pre-Pay metering from Diverse Power Incorporated (DPI). This program allows you to make advance purchases of electricity in any dollar amount you wish, as often as you wish. As the kilowatt hours you have purchased are used, your balance will be reduced accordingly.

For those who have internet access, purchases can be made on a secure site that allows you to buy electricity, view current and past usage, and receive alerts when your purchased energy is close to being used up. For those who do not have access to the internet, purchases can be made in the DPI office and your alerts can be sent to your cell phone. Other benefits of Pre-Pay metering are no more bills and no more security deposits when signing up for new service. Click the Pre-pay agreement link to complete the form online or contact customer service for details.


Levelized Billing

Would you like a way to closely budget for your electric bill each month? DPI has a levelized billing option that bills you the average amount of the most recent 12 months, rather than the actual amount. Everyone’s electric bill varies each month due to factors such as weather, vacations, school breaks, appliance malfunctions, and lifestyle changes. Also, DPI’s winter and summer rates are different, resulting in variations in your electric bill depending on the time of year. The levelized billing option takes away the up-and-down dollar amounts of your electric bill by letting you pay the average each month. If you are a new member, you must wait 12 months before signing up for the program so that an accurate assessment of your bill amounts will help you in your decision to participate. Sign up today or call customer service (706.845.2000) for details. Terms and conditions apply.

Invoice Billing

Do you receive more than one electric bill from DPI each month? If so, you can choose invoice billing as an alternative to getting multiple billing statements in your mail. Each meter that you have on the DPI system is read monthly and then individually billed. For members who have more than one meter in their name, this results in separate bills being mailed to them in separate envelopes with return envelopes included. By having your bills combined on one statement, you receive one easy-to-read bill that still itemizes each account separately. Invoice billing makes your life easier, saves paper and the environment, and helps DPI keep its costs down. Contact customer service for details.

Paperless Billing (E-Bills)

Reduce the amount of all that mail you receive every month? You can take a step in that direction with Paperless Billing from DPI. By signing up for Paperless Billing, you will not receive a paper bill in the mail every month, instead your bill will come to you via the internet as an E-Bill. There are great advantages to E-Billing: you eliminate a paper bill – this helps the environment and helps DPI reduce costs; you receive your bill as soon as it is produced; you can view your bill from anywhere in the world that you can access your email; and, by eliminating the mail system, you give yourself a few extra days after receiving your bill before it is due. Get your bill electronically – contact us or call customer service (706.845.2000). Learn more >

Interactive Voice Response (IVR)

Check your bill amount and pay over the phone with DPI’s interactive voice response system. If you have a touchtone phone, you can now call DPI at our regular number and access your account by choosing the customer service option. You can then either select the “pay your bill” option or the “get account information” option. You will need your account number associated with the bill you are calling about. Once you are in the system, you can check the account balance and due date. Then, either with a credit card or debit card, you can pay your bill over the secure phone system. This is all done without being put on hold when the customer service representatives are busy. Get account information instantly and anytime day or night, pay without the mail or driving to our office, and avoid wait time when we are busy – all by using the DPI interactive voice response system.

Internet Bill Pay

Want to pay your electric bill without having to leave your office or get up out of that easy chair? Contact DPI either by phone or create a new ID and request your password for our secure online payment system. Once you have your password, you can then proceed to the site and create your user ID. Then, with your password, user ID, and account number, you are ready to pay your bill online using a credit card, debit card, or e-check. No more mailing in your payment or driving to our office; save time, gas, and postage. This helps protect the environment and lower DPI’s daily operating costs – a savings which is passed on to you, the member.


Auto Pay

Would you like the convenience of knowing your bill is paid instantly, on time, and with no effort on your part each month? Contact DPI and request user ID and password. You then can go to the web site, select pay bill and then bill pay option. You now have the ability to set up your profile with your credit card information. You then set your payment to come out prior to your past due date and we will do the rest. We simply set up our billing system to automatically charge your bill amount to the credit card and your worries are over: no more postage, driving to our office, or phone calls. These all save you time and money while helping DPI operate more efficiently. E-Checks are also accepted.


Eliminate the hassle and expense of paying your electric bill with written checks and then either mailing then or driving to our office. DPI is now part of the E-Check system that allows us to process checks electronically via the internet through our online bill payment option. Once you have contacted us for your password and set up your user ID, then select the bill payment option. You are now ready to use your checking account information to pay your bill by E-Check. No more writing checks, buying stamps, driving to our office; pay your bill instantly and securely, while saving time and money. E-Check bill payment helps offset rate increases by reducing DPI’s bill processing time.

Bank Draft

Take advantage of your bank account to help reduce your stress level. This is easy with DPI’s bank draft option. Simply contact us by calling customer service and let us know your bank account information and we can draft your account for the amount due on your electric bill – always on time with no mailing in your payment or coming by our office. You will still receive a monthly statement to let you know how much your bill is and that it has been paid. There is no charge for this service, so save yourself time, postage, driving, and possible late fees, while helping your cooperative as efficiently as possible.


8AM – 5PM

Together, we’re bringing energy to life. Diverse Power is more than just your electric company, we’re your neighbor. A member-owned cooperative, we’re delivering advanced technology, service and quality to homes and businesses in the counties we serve.

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