• Diverse Powered

    Electricity is for more than just homes and businesses.

    Our Diverse Power Nissan Leaf vehicle is 100% electric and releases 0 emissions.

  • Diverse Power Annual Meeting

    Our 79th year of connecting with customers and friends.

    On Wednesday, May 13, Diverse Power held its annual meeting to elect directors, handle company business and connect with customers. The meeting featured entertainment from gospel duo Randy and Sherri Miller from Nashville, Tennessee.

  • Powering Innovation

    Since 1936, Diverse Power has been bringing advancements in electricity to even rural parts of Georgia.

    We’re often the first EMC in Georgia to develop new technologies, devices and software.

  • Wired for Service

    We’re committed to our customers and making sure your experience with us is always exceptional -

    from minimizing outages to providing simple payment options.

  • Powerful Impact

    Whether it's partnering with area schools or boosting economic development in our region,

    Diverse Power strives to make a positive and powerful impact in our communities.


8AM – 5PM

1400 South Davis Road
P.O. Box 160
LaGrange, GA 30241

Pataula District
413 Blakely Street
P.O. Box 289
Cuthbert, GA 39840

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