Going Solar Just Became Easy!

Thinking of going solar but don’t want the high cost and complications associated with rooftop solar panels? Or maybe there simply isn’t enough sunlight where you live. With Cooperative Solar, you now have an easy way to capture your share of the sun — and it’s available from Diverse Power.





Solar Energy Benefits, With None of the Hassles.

Cooperative Solar allows you to choose just the right amount of solar energy from our offsite energy facilities. As a Cooperative Solar subscriber, you’ll receive clean, affordable, renewable solar energy directly from our portfolio of solar energy resources. And it’s all very easy!

The electricity delivered to your home through the power grid is calculated and the solar energy generated from your share of the total solar portfolio capacity will be credited back to you. We take on the risk of ownership and maintenance, while you receive your share of the sun without the hassle!


How The Program Works:

Cooperative Solar allows Members like you the opportunity to purchase solar power, regardless of the location of your home or whether you own or rent. The electricity you receive is generated at off-site solar facilities, and you can purchase energy shares from Diverse Power at a nominal monthly rate.

The monthly output from each share varies due to the position of the sun, time of year and number of cloudy days. Therefore, you will receive different amounts of solar energy each month based on the available sunlight and performance of the solar facility.

Cooperative Solar Advantages:

  • •It’s affordable
  • •No long-term contracts
  • •It’s more cost-effective than owning or leasing a rooftop solar system
  • •There’s nothing to finance
  • •No shade limitations
  • •No holes in your roof
  • •Concerns about roof age and condition are eliminated
  • •No need to be concerned about roof orientation to the sun
  • •No maintenance
  • •Neighborhood covenants do not affect access
  • •Renters can participate


Breakdown of Solar Blocks from Diverse Power

  • •$25 per month charge for one block of electricity
  • •Block size is 1.25 kW and produces anywhere from 150 to 250 kWh / month
  • •Total number of blocks offered from Diverse Power is 402. No more than two blocks can be purchased by any one member.
  • •kWhs produced by solar would come off the top of member’s billed usage for the month.
  • •If member’s panels produce more energy than they use, they will receive credit on their billing.
  • •No contract. Transferrable if customer moves. Discontinue at any time. Available to all DPI residential members including renters.


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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is Diverse Power’s Cooperative Solar Program?
A: Diverse Power Cooperative Solar offers residential members the ability to receive solar energy from a large solar facility to the member’s home across the same distribution lines already in place.

Q: What are the advantages of the Diverse Power Cooperative Program

  • It’s affordable
  • No concerns about roof age or condition
  • There are no long term contracts
  • No need to be concerned about roof orientation
  • No maintenance issues
  • No financing required
  • No neighborhood covenants
  • No shade limitations
  • Renters can also participate
  • No worries about putting holes in your roof.

Q: Do I have to be a member of Diverse Power to participate in Cooperative Solar?
A: Yes. Membership, with an active residential account is required to participate.

Q: How soon can I participate in Cooperative Solar?
A: You can sign-up now. Your billing and energy credits start with your next month’s billing

Q: How much will it cost to participate in Cooperative Solar?
A: The price is $25.00 per month for each energy block you purchase plus applicable sales tax.

Q: How many energy blocks can I purchase?
A: Each residential member may purchase up to two (2) blocks of solar energy on a first-come, first-served basis. Diverse Power Cooperative Solar has 402 blocks available at the start of the program. If blocks are sold out, we will place your name on a waiting list.

Q: How much energy will I get from each solar energy block?
A: Each block is expected to generate between 135 and 250 kilowatt hours of energy per month based on actual production at the site. Variables such as the sun’s position, season of the year, number of cloudy or rainy days in the month and other factors will affect the actual production.

Q: How do I get credit for purchasing a block of solar energy?
A: The actual production of your blocks of solar will be credited from your monthly kwh usage to reflect the amount of electricity produced from the previous month by your portion of the cooperative solar facility.

Q: Do I own any solar panels if I participate in Cooperative solar?
A: No. You are purchasing the electricity generated by the solar panels, but you will not own any property or equipment nor will you have the expense of maintaining the plant.

Q: How long is my contract?
A: The best news is that there is no long-term contract. You may stop participating at any time by notifying Diverse Power before your account bills for the current month. In the event your account has already billed, you will not be billed the next month. However you will have to wait a term of 12 months before signing up again.

Q: What if I rent and do not own my property?
A: Ownership of the property is not required since there is no physical structure attached to the property.

Q: What happens if I move?
A: If you move, you can take your solar energy blocks with you as long as Diverse Power serves your new address. If you decide to discontinue participating in Cooperative Solar, we will offer your block of energy to another interested member.

Q: How about maintenance cost on the system?
A: Diverse Power incurs all cost associated with the plant.

Q: What are the risks to participating in Cooperative Solar?
A: You have no risk and may stop participating at any time.

Q: Where is the energy for the Cooperative Solar Program generated?
A: Our first source of solar energy for Cooperative Solar is a 135 acre, 20 megawatt (ac) solar energy project near Hazlehurst, GA. The Hazlehurst project is providing solar energy to Diverse Power and 26 other EMC’s that are co-owners of GreenPower EMC. If membership in Cooperative Solar is sufficient, Diverse Power will seek other solar sources to keep up with demand.

Q: Would it have been better to locate the Cooperative Solar generating facility inside Diverse Power’s service area?
A: Not necessarily. The technology we have today to generate and transmit electric power enable Diverse Power to locate generation resources just about anywhere in Georgia.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: You may come in now and sign up for Diverse Power Cooperative Solar. You may apply at our home office in LaGrange or stop by our Pataula District office in Cuthbert. You may also fill out our online application. For more information, contact our office by calling 800-845-8362


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