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Servicing your air conditioning system and home energy efficiency are a lot like getting an oil change or tuneup for your car.

Sure, it’s an expense—but it’s still cheaper than waiting until your unit breaks down to call a technician. It will also save you the stress of being left in the heat and scrambling to schedule a repair or paying for AC only to have it escape outside.

You’ll sweat a lot less when you pay the $100 or so to have your heating system inspected by a professional than you will in the middle of July if the unit breaks down. Plus, you won’t have to worry whether the unit will make it through another season because the tech can spot and resolve small problems before they become big ones.

Some contractors offer an annual preventive maintenance agreement, which will cost a few hundred dollars a year and typically includes a fall inspection of your heating system and a spring once-over for your air conditioner. Some plans come with discounts on repairs and equipment.

Paying a pro to maintain your heating and cooling system is worth the money. Qualified, licensed service technicians are trained to spot problems that most homeowners overlook. Schedule the appointment before the season begins so there is time to order any replacement parts.

Diverse Power offers a home energy audit. This audit is available to consumer-members at a cost of $50. The audit includes a 13-point premises inspection, 60-day evaluation of home history, daily evaluation of history in comparison with daily weather and thermal evaluation of the home.

This home energy audit can help a homeowner find and repair cost inefficiencies that could potentially save big bucks in the hottest and coldest months of the year.


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