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Zero injuries and zero lost time accidents are goals at every electric membership corporation (EMC) in Georgia. Working with electricity is inherently dangerous, and the industry has developed robust safety protocols that are employed in the field, in warehouses and in offices so everyone can practice safety at work.

Diverse Power recently received accreditation for its safety practices from the Electric Cooperative Safety Accreditation Program of Georgia. The award is based on our safety record and safety programs over the last three years.

Jim Wright, Georgia EMC’s vice president of Training, Education & Safety, recognized Diverse Power’s safety efforts when presenting us with the award.

“Georgia’s EMCs operate in a culture of safety, making sure they do everything possible to keep workers and members of the public safe,” Wright said. “Accreditation shows that a cooperative is doing all of the right things to stress safety on the job — regardless of where an employee works.”

The accreditation process has two primary components: record keeping and a multi-day on-site visit. The recordkeeping portion involves checking a cooperative’s safety records and its adherence to safety programs and regulations from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). This rigorous inspection process ensures that EMC employees are following the proper safety protocols in the office and in the field to keep themselves, co-workers and the general public safe.

During the on-site inspection, observers visit the main office, warehouse and district offices as well as the cooperative’s service area. Inspectors make sure that equipment used by employees–everything from utility trucks to fiberglass-insulated sticks used to handle live wires–is in compliance with testing protocols. The inspection process includes criteria to determine whether the cooperative is keeping the public safe. Observers inspect public rights of way, utility poles, and over-head and underground wiring to ensure that proper utility practices are being followed.

Safety is ingrained in the culture of Diverse Power. This recognition shows the commitment we make to safety. We live it, we breathe it, and we practice it day in and day out to better serve our member-owners and our co-workers.


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