With the recent purchase of an electric vehicle, Diverse Power takes the low-cost alternative fuel source of electricity to the streets.

“We use it daily to run errands around town, picking up items like mail,” says Scott Sawyer, marketing services coordinator at Diverse Power. “Our maintenance department uses it every day while the member services group uses it for travel to school career days or community events.”

The sporty 2015 Nissan Leaf came with a 6.6 kilowatt charger. The electric cooperative purchased an additional unit that recharges the car’s battery in less than four hours, according to Sawyer.

“That charging period would use about 24 kilowatt hours, which equates to $3.50 per charge on our residential rate, or about the cost of a gallon of milk,” he says, noting the Leaf typically requires only one or two charges per week to power it for routine use. “So, to run errands, we have a fully functional commute car that costs less than $30 a month to operate.”

While Georgia ranks fourth in terms of electric vehicles registered in U.S. states, the metro-Atlanta market was the nation’s second largest market in electric vehicle sales in 2014, according to Sawyer, who says the cars handle well and will get better mileage as the technology grows.

“The future for longer commutes couldn’t be brighter,” he says. “Electric vehicles are here to stay. Diverse Power aims to be at the forefront of advancing technologies when they relate to our core business.”

Diverse Power seeks to provide its members information about electric vehicles and to help bring about solutions to issues important to those who drive electric vehicles.

“There currently are not enough charging stations in our area,” says Sawyer. “Diverse Power is working closely with one of our members to place a quick-charge station in a strategic location along Interstate-85.”

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Marketing Services Coordinator Scott Sawyer prepares to run errands in Diverse Power’s new electric car, a 2015 Nissan Leaf wrapped in a cheerful design with information pointing to the cooperative’s website for information about electric vehicles. Photo Credit: Jackie Kennedy


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